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Width and height are actual.

bamboo.gif   Tile it   3.3 kb 142w x 205h

bonsai-look.gif   Tile it   6.2 kb 100w x 114h

fanpalm.gif   Tile it   10.1 kb 340w x 460h

palm-brown.jpg   Tile it   57.5 kb 264w x 400h

palm-group.gif   Tile it   27.0 kb 200w x 300h

philodendron.gif   Tile it   13.0 kb 200w x 200h

plant-basket.gif   Tile it   6.5 kb 100w x 114h

plant.gif   Tile it   2.1 kb 145w x 145h

redflower-pot.gif   Tile it   6.4 kb 100w x 114h

rubber-plant.gif   Tile it   5.5 kb 100w x 114h

white-calys.gif   Tile it   6.2 kb 100w x 114h

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